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Our Vision

Your Partner for quality yarns


Our vision is to lead the transformation of our industry, towards a transparent,  sustainable and ethical textile future. 

As industry leaders, it is our duty
to act and not just react!


To continuously improve the quality of life of our customers through our sustainable products and services, with respect to the moral values and principles that characterize the modern European Citizen.

To constantly create synergies between partners across the textile industry in order to create equal opportunities, achieving the right conditions for a better and more sustainable future for our planet and next generations.

Promoting the health and safety of everybody involved, securing workplaces and ensuring fair reimbursing.

Providing equal opportunities and wiping child labour, any kind of discrimination and inhuman working conditions.

Acting proactively in regard to the environment, saving resources and caring for the welfare of our planet and all the beings that inhabit it.



“Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation”.

Aristotle (384-322 BC)

Sustainable thinking and acting are embedded in the DNA of VARVARESSOS S.A.

As a leading manufacturer of innovative products for the textile industry, VARVARESSOS S.A. EUROPEAN SPINNING MILLS has a high sense of responsibility, towards future generations.

For over six decades, our company has acted with respect and trust to our employees, partners, customers, suppliers and the natural environment, so that we can pass down a sustainable future to our planet, our children and the generations to come.

VARVARESSOS SA cares for the global valuable natural resources, acting with regard to reducing the company’s environmental footprint. Our latest project to preserve valuable natural resources, via sustainable innovation is the “SUPREME GREEN COTTON”. Since the establishment of the company, the core of our business model has been natural fibers processing, such as cotton and other cellulosic fibers into high-quality products, via sustainable production processes.

“We at VARVARESSOS SA are confident that shall overcome this challenging time with solidarity, unity, resilience and a strong team spirit.”

In order for our company to operate sustainably tomorrow, the financial aspect of our activities is also important to us. As a result, we always strive to contribute, with our performance, to the transformation of the textile industry, towards a more transparent and sustainable future. Our investments are focused on low emission production processes and energy saving, aiming to provide highly innovative, sustainable and future oriented products, accompanied by responsible use of natural resources.

As a company that is relatively at the beginning of the production and supply chain in the textile industry, we have made responsible operations our primary objective, in order to provide complete transparency to all our partners in the various stages of production and supply chain, as well as social equitability and strict compliance with the highest ecological standards.

The COVID-19 pandemic paralyzed the entire global economy in just a few months and the social and economic consequences are still difficult to predict. However, these consequences will most certainly change the world permanently and lead companies to deeper, stronger and more meaningful partnerships that will be based on common ethical and moral values.

We, at VARVARESSOS SA, are confident that shall overcome this challenging time with solidarity, unity, resilience and a strong team spirit. In the upcoming post COVID-19 recovery period, the associated financial changes that we will be experiencing, show us that the newly defined operating business model will require faster and more adaptive decisions, with a view to transparent and responsible sustainability. In this new era of sustainability, we shall inspire reassurance through our promptness, versatility and adaptability and shall lead VARVARESSOS towards profitable and sustainable growth.

A. Sarridis
Managing Director


In order to accomplish our vision, we establish long term relationships with our partners, based on trust, respect, honesty and goal alignment.

We take action by responsibly sourcing our carefully selected, finest quality materials and transform them into textiles that inspire people to design long-lasting products.

We are minimizing our environmental footprint, by monitoring it and constantly improving it using cutting edge technology.

Besides our frequent internal audits, we are also being audited via established, renowned third party organizations.

We created from scratch the unique SUPREME GREEN COTTON® project,

that supports local Greek cotton farmers and their

Providing simultaneously a completely transparent, traceable and sustainable solution -through smart technology- for the whole textile production and supply chain, based 100% in the EU.

We cooperate with local small businesses and service providers.


We don’t only do what’s obligatory, we choose to do more!



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