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At Varvaressos,
in the context of our development strategy, the provision of integrated cutting edge services in combination with our products means innovation and at the same time a competitive advantage.

At Varvaressos, in the context of our development strategy, the provision of integrated cutting edge services in combination with our products means innovation and at the same time a competitive advantage.

The provision of integrated innovative services includes a grid of value-added processes for specialized vertical production and supply chains, from the primary sector to the final product (one-stop shop) in collaboration with our partners, customers and suppliers.

At the heart of all integrated solutions we propose are the sustainable characteristics of the entire production chain, combined with transparency, traceability and European ethical values ​​reflected in our vision and corporate culture.

The development of our innovative services is supported by the know-how and skills of our employees, our modern production units, the specialized software tools that we have developed in collaboration with internationally recognized research centers, and a number of external specialized consultants.

As a result, we confer a superior benefit and innovation impulses on our partners, consequently creating competitive advantages for them.

to our partners

to our partners



Joint development
of new products

Varvaressos has developed many projects together with its customers, offering know-how, its factory facilities with state-of-the-art technology and financial support, according to the individual requirements of each partner.

Many of our innovative and sustainable products that have been developed together with our partners have now been implemented in a number of applications through a successful market entry and are in the products portfolio of renowned brands.


Development of technologies with machine manufacturers in the textile sector

For decades, our company constitutes a point of reference for all the internationally recognized machine manufacturers in Europe,

due to our special inclination for innovation, the high level of know-how and our state-of-the-art production facilities.

On this basis, our experts develop, implement and perform tailor-made textile solutions with our manufacturer partners. The most recent example is the implementation of our investment plan for upgrading our production units with state-of-the-art technology, amounting to € 6.7 million.



Development of transparency platform diafania SI

Development of diafania SI platform, a unique and specialized communication and information software in combination with a special QR-Code, for monitoring the transparency and traceability of productive and complex activities of all levels of production of the supply chain. The big advantage is the precise and completely traceable and transparent control of each order, from the retailer up to the specific cotton field of the farmer.

Creating transparency and traceability in our supply chains means to describe the path of our partners’ chains, who of our partners are involved, which production processes steps are structured and which stakeholders are involved.



Development of special software GAIA CLEVER for monitoring the production of cotton

Special software for monitoring of cotton production by the farmer, with satellite support for our autonomous group of SUPREME GREEN COTTON® farmers.

It’s a smart tool that enables farmers to follow reliably and consistently our special protocol for the sustainable production of specific Long-Staple Cotton, under the brand name SUPREME GREEN COTTON®, achieving high productivity and great savings of the water that is necessary for the cotton production. The result is the observance of high standards concerning the sustainable characteristics of cotton and its top quality.


Professional agricultural advice to farmers

A group of experienced agronomists and corporate consultants with many years of experience and high competence,

dedicated to the SUPREME GREEN COTTON® project, provide agricultural advice to farmers concerning cotton seeds, irrigation, nutrition, plant protection and conservation tillage, just to name a few, always in accordance with the SUPREME GREEN COTTON® protocol of sustainable cotton production practices.

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