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Varvaressos S.A.
European Spinning Mills
P.O. Box 16
592 00 Stenimachos Naoussa

Telephone: +30 23320 / 52 - 650
Fax: +30 23320 / 52 - 676

Our People & Know-How

A crucial ingredient
for our success
is our people.

Our people are always guided by their positive attitude, their tendency for new ideas, mutual support, consistency and trust among us.

People different from each other, but all dedicated to the mission of the company, well-skilled and experienced.

The roots of the company can be traced back at the beginning of the last century. The company has always been linked with Naoussa town and the generations that have worked in the spinning created what we call know-how and they pass it on to the next generations, constantly trying to reach the excellence.


Besides the long term

the know-how has been enhanced by
education, continuous investments, and
close cooperation with our customers and

Bridging always
learning and training

we collaborate and create solutions that
add value to our partners’ business in the
supply chain.

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