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Published on: 04.2019

EU regulation 2019/446
EU regulation 2019/446

The European Commission has withdrawn the licence of international organic certifier to prevent organic fraud as the latter failed to demonstrate the traceability and organic status of many products from five countries — Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. The EU commission explained its decision in EU regulation 2019/446 of 19 March 2019.


Varvaressos S.A., always committed to complete transparency and traceability, provides the innovative sustainable solution of the SUPREME GREEN COTTON® chain. Starting from the sustainable cultivation of NON-GMO cotton, smart farming tools that can lead up to 40% of water savings, minimal CO2 footprint due to proximity and socially responsible production methods from seed to end product, SUPREME GREEN COTTON® is a unique integral solution that provides added value and creates exclusive, distinctive, sustainable fashion!


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