Core-Spun yarn


Varvaressos Yarns - Core Spun Yarn


Core – spinning is a process by which fibres are twisted around an existing yarn, either filament or staple spun yarn. This inner yarn is the core, which is covered around its whole length from spinnable fibres. In our case the roving yarn, which can be cotton, Micromodal or Tencel, is spun around the elastane.


  • Ne 20/1 with 78 dtex elastane
  • Ne 24/1 with 78/44 dtex elastane
  • Ne 30/1 with 78/44/22 dtex elastane
  • Ne 40/1 with 44/22 dtex elastane

  • Q – Cotton
  • B100 from 100% Organic Cotton
  • Lyomix from 67% Tencel | 33% Cotton
  • COMO from 50% Cotton | 50% Modal
  • 100% Tencel
  • 100% Micromodal
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