05.2018 | IS IT 100% PIMA COTTON?

Published on: 13.05.2018


As we all experience every day, textiles can be one of the most competitive sectors. This can lead you to unpleasant and truly unwanted situations.

You promise your customers a premium product made from 100% Pima Cotton, one of the finest extra long staple cottons in the world.

But do you deliver?

Due to the extreme competition, various textile enterprises around the world choose to blend the luxurious Pima cotton with cheaper cotton varieties that are of course of significantly lower quality.

This lowers the cost, but it also lowers the quality and potentially the image of your brand!

How can you protect your customers and your company from such practices, especially nowadays that more and more brands perform (as they should!) DNA tests in independent laboratories?

You now have a simple and safe solution:
Choose “Premium Pima” yarns from Varvaressos SA European Spinning Mills

100% PIMA Extra Long Staple Cotton yarns with WRITTEN GUARANTEE!



Join the 100% Premium PIMA family, contact us at or here.

Johanna Ortiz | Catrina – Pima Cotton Poplin Top

04.2018 | Extra Long Staple Cotton: quality beginns with the fiber

Published on: 26.04.2018

Extra Long Staple Cotton: quality beginns with the fiber

Thanks to the fineness, longer staple length, strength and uniformity of the Extra Long Staple Cotton fibers, fabrics produced from Varvaressos’ Premium Pima and Supima yarns present:

  • exceptional soft surface
  • flowing appearance
  • beautiful drape
  • comfortable breath
  • peeling resistance
  • brilliant lasting colours
  • improved durability and increased lifespan
  • minimal imperfections

Yarns can be used into finer and more luxurious fabrics for high end apparel, luxury underwear and lush home textiles.


  • 35% longer than regular cotton
  • 45% stronger than regular cotton
  • Finer than regular cotton

Advantages to your production*:

  • better overall fabric and garment quality
    > 10% better uniformity
  • minimum imperfections
    > 80% lower thin places, 65% lower thick places, 50% lower neps
  • better color performance
    > due to its fineness
  • less breaks
    > 26 cN/tex in Ne 60/1

>Increased productivity and cost minimization
*Comparison between Ne 60/1 ELS Varvaressos and 25% USTER Statistics in Ne 60/1

In order to meet our customer’s needs, we produce ELS Cotton yarns also in the special process of Core Technology. Core spinning is a process during which fibres are twisted around an existing yarn, usually a filament. This inner yarn is the core, which is covered around its whole length from spinnable fibres, in this case ELS Cotton.

03.2018 | 22/3 : World Water Day Use Israel Premium Pima Cotton Yarns and save water

Published on: 22.03.2018

22/3 : World Water Day Use Israel Premium Pima Cotton Yarns and save water

Fortunately nowadays Sustainability has become the main concern for the textile world. It is the future for an eco friendly way of production. Our Premium Pima Extra Long Staple Cotton yarns made from 100% Israeli Pima Cotton are produced in a way dedicated to this principal.


For cotton growers in Israel sustainability is not a fad but a way of life and has been of utmost importance from the very beginning. Israel is a semi desert country with an ongoing growing population and as such faces constant shortages of water. Thanks to harnessing advanced technologies for efficient water use, over 60% of urban waste water is recycled for agricultural use at large and particularly for cotton.


Israeli companies have also developed the drip irrigation system which saves more than 50% of water consumption in agriculture – Israeli cotton is irrigated using this technique.

Further advanced and innovative technology utilization in Israel is precision irrigation. Plant water requirements are accurately determined by monitoring from the air, from the land and by using remote sensing and satellite imagery.

All these measurements enable cotton growers in Israel to minimize water use in cotton farming and maximize yields – which are the highest in the world for Extra long staple cottons.

Hand in hand with the recycled water, drip irrigation and smart use of water, ecologically friendly – Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is practiced by Israeli cotton growers and implemented in the field. Israeli growers have accomplished a 50% reduction in the use of chemicals treatments against pests and diseases in comparison to previously practiced standard pest control management methods.

Except for its unique sustainability, our Extra Long Staple Cotton yarns made from 100% Israeli Pima Cotton, present flowing appearance, lovely soft hand, improved durability and increased lifespan, as well as minimal imperfections.
Yarns can be knitted or woven into finer and more luxurious fabrics, with brilliant colours, that can be used for high end apparel and lush home textiles!

Pima Cotton Cultivation Advantages:

  • 60% of waste water is recycled for cotton agriculture
  • 50% less water consumption
  • Precision irrigation
  • Maximum yield
  • 50% less chemical treatments

03.2018 | Exhibitor in the 49th International Yarn Exhibition “FILO”

Published on: 13.03.2018

VARVARESSOS SA participated as exhibitor in the 49th International Yarn Exhibition “FILO” on 21 and 22 February in Milan, Italy.

The “FILO” exhibition is considered to be the most important event in Textile world. At 49th FILO participated 93 exhibitors from different countries.

During the exhibition, significant contacts have been made with international firms, expanding the company’s prospects and in the field of technical applications.

VARVARESSOS SA was represented by company executives C. Varvaressos, F. Kiaou, G. Kostopoulos, G. Tzortzis and as well as the general manager,  Mr. A. Sarridis.



Published on: 16.02.2018

With over 50 years of experience, Varvaressos S.A. European Spinning Mills has managed to provide products and services consistently, tailored individually for each and every one of its partners. Exhibiting for the fourth consecutive time at Filo Milan on February 2018, the international b2b trade show dedicated to yarns and fibres, we continue being in the heart of textile developments offering high quality products.


In the 49th Filo, we are about to present our premium yarns:

  • SUPIMA® Cotton yarns for luxury products
  • PREMIUM PIMA Cotton yarns for natural fineness
  • Micromodal® yarns produced to achieve the ultimate softness
  • Extra Long Staple Cotton and Micromodal ® 50%/50% blended to represent the absolute luxury
  • Microtencel® yarns created for unique performance
  • Core yarns in all the above qualities, produced for the perfect elastic fabrics
  • Crepe yarns for crispy effect with a subtle sheen



Meet us at Filo Milan
on 21-22/02/2018 at stand G7
and let us know your needs and desires.



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