12.2013 | “Made in Greece” Awards


ATHENS, 25 NOVEMBER 2013 – The Greek Marketing Academy organized the ‘Made in Greece’ Awards in which VARVARESSOS got the price of export excellence from the Minister of rural development and food, Mr Tsaftaris. This new initiative is part of the Academy’s continuous effort to empower and propagate a novel, extrovert and innovative model for the development of the Greek Economy, that meets contemporary challenges in the production and marketing of products based upon quality, innovation, differentiation, targeted markets, international distribution networks and strong branded names. The event highlighted and rewarded the businesses and organizations that achieve outstanding performance in producing and distributing products with proven added value for the Greek Economy. The awards are addressed to companies and organization active in Greece for which the values of quality, innovation, extraversion and powerful brand names are the prime movers for their development and prosperity. award_madeingreece Varvaressos SA counts more than 44 years of export activity. The long-lasting experience in the production of yarns and the presence in the high-end fabric market lends to Varvaressos SA credibility and confidence. The company is now well established in the European markets and it is recognized for the high quality level of the product and the services it offers. Varvaressos SA exports nowadays to 19 European countries, Egypt and Turkey. The highest percentage of sales in central Europe comes from sales for knitted fabrics in southern Germany and Austria. Varvaressos SA differentiated itself from the competition by developing products and blends that require expertise and experience. Especially among the demanding European manufacturers, Varvaressos is preferred for the consistently good quality of these blends. Important for the internalization of the company was the close cooperation to Lenzing. Varvaressos SA was one of the first to spin the Modal fiber. Nowadays it is one of the few, left in Europe, clients of Lenzing using those fibers.

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