06.2015 | Lyomix – cotton & tencel connection

Lyomix – cotton & tencel connection

COTTON is the most used textile fiber in the world today. It is 100% dirived from nature, characterized by its softness and meets consumers’ demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products.


TENCEL, the new age fiber from Lenzing, is the functional fiber from nature, extracted from the raw material of eucalyptus wood. It is a man made cellulosic fiber, produced in an extremely eco-friendly way. The Tencel fiber is more absorbent than cotton and promotes an optimal skin feeling thanks to the smooth fiber surface.

Cotton and Tencel make a great team. This natural couple, complements each other to perfection, offering consumers enhanced comfort in usage.

Characteristics of fabrics from Lyomix yarns:

  • Best moisture control

Lyomix can easily keep in an optimum way the regulation of the body temperature and prevents skin irritations by reducing bacteria growth in a completely natural way.

  • Soft but strong

A Lyomix fabric is extremely robust and durable. It has excellent dimensional stability even after several washes and has a homogenous high dyeing affinity.

  • Highest quality

Lyomix fabric remains bright, intensive in color and free of wrinkles even after repeated washing.


Applications of Lyomix fabric:

Lyomix is the perfect connection between two 100% natural fibers and advocates a pleasant feeling next to the skin. It can be used in everything associated with skin touch, giving a relaxation during sleeping, high moisture absorbent sportswear, skin friendly kidswear and a natural softness in general. Lyomix promotes health.

Try our LYOMIX (67% Tencel ST / 33% Cotton) yarns as:

  • Ring spun yarns
  • Compact yarns
  • On dyeing cylinders
  • Siro yarns
  • Core yarns
  • Twisted
  • Slubs
  • Blend with organic cotton
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