Environmental Policy

Our company – Employees and Administration – commits itself to meet the increasing costumer’s requirements, improving at the same time the competitiveness, the effectiveness and the environmental performance  in all our activities.

Considering that activities, products and services interact to the environment, we have planned and installed an Environmental Management System, according to the International Standard ISO 14001:2008.

Our company commits itself:

  • To improve its environmental performance
  • To upgrade the processes for pollution prevention
  • To follow the updated environmental legislation and roles
  • To recognize all the environmental aspects which causes important environmental affects
  • To establish, substantiate and review our environmental aims and targets taking into consideration all the important environmental constants, technological evolution and economical demands
  • To trainee all our employees and all the relative to ISO collaborators and suppliers for environmental processes
  • To develop and maintain a faith relation with the local community and to familiarize the public about our Environmental Management System
  • To consider the principles of continuous growth
  • To hold, check and upgrade our Environmental Management System in periodical period


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