BioCoMo Edelweiss

The BioCoMo Edelweiss yarn


The absolute bio combination

A combination of two eco-friendly fibers: B100 from 100% organic cotton & Lenzing Modal ® CO2 neutral softness by Edelweiss technology.


Main quality characteristics

  • Perfect blending partners
  • Optimum evenness
  • Good pilling performance
  • High strength
  • Clean from foreign fibers
  • Tone-in-tone dyeing affinity
  • Mercerizability
  • Alkali resistance


50% Combed Cotton 50% Lenzing Modal


  • Ne 20/1 – Ne 80/1

On request

  • Yarns on dyeing tubes
  • Compact yarns
  • S-twist
  • Multi-ply yarns
  • Slub yarns

The fabric of BioCoMo Edelweiss

  • Natural softness
  • Skin friendly
  • Evenness in dyeing
  • Shiny textiles
  • Unchanged after numerous washings


  • Apparel
  • Fashion
  • Lingerie
  • Lining
  • Terry goods
  • Hometextiles

The certification

Organic cotton is certified according to GOTS criteria for organic agriculture. BioCoMo Edelweiss yarns are certified according to Organic Exchange by IMO (Institute for Marketecology – Switzerland).

The label

We provide two labels for the two components of BioCoMo Edelweiss:

  • the B100 label
  • the Lenzing Modal ® label
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