12.2014 | LYOMIX: The Cotton and Tencel connection

LYOMIX: The Cotton and Tencel connection

The VARVARESSOS S.A. yarn palette presents the Lyomix yarn. Lyomix is a blend of 67% Tencel ST / 33% Combed cotton. Cotton and Tencel, make a great team! This natural couple, complements each other to perfection, offering consumers enhanced comfort in usage. Lyomix fabrics are characterized of all the benefits of Cotton and Tencel. Tencel, is known for its moisture absorption and tenacity, so Lyomix fabrics are extremely robust and prevent skin irritations by reducing bacteria growth. Skin–friendly kidswear, bright fabrics and high moisture absorbent sportswear are few of lots of different applications. In a few days, you will be able to be informed further for our Lyomix yarn, reading our Lyomix prospect!

Stay tuned!

varvaressos yarn - lyomix: cotton-tencel

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