11.2014 | DYOFIL – SIRO YARN: spinning and twisting in one

DYOFIL – SIRO YARN: spinning and twisting in one

Demonstrating our innovative strength, we developed a new product, DYOFIL – SIRO YARN. The DYOFIL yarn is produced from two rovings fed into one draft device at the ring spinning frame, twisted respectively, under the Siro technology system. It is a simple-ply yarn which combines the advantages of two-plied yarns, while the twisting process for 2-ply yarns is eliminated. The process results a DYOFIL – SIRO YARN with special characteristics.

Benefits of DYOFIL – SIRO YARN:

  • High yarn strength
  • Low hairiness
  • Better Evenness
  • Less neps
  • Smooth yarn surface
  • Excludes separate twisting process
  • High quality 2 ply folded single yarn



  • Cotton
  • COMO (Cotton+Modal) | Lyomix (Cotton+Tencel)
  • Micromodal | Tencel | Modal



Ne 40/2 – Ne 48/2 – Ne 60/2 – Ne 80/2



varvaressos siro yarn - dyofil

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