08.2018 | LENZING™ Modal Micro

08.2018 | LENZING™ Modal Micro

In our European premises, we produce and offer high quality yarns from Lenzing fibers of LENZING™ Modal Micro


LENZING™ Modal Micro fibers are extra fine and light cellulose fibers from sustainable beech wood sources in Austria and neighboring countries. Numerous Lenzing innovations have been integrated in the production of LENZING™ Modal Micro fibers, to make the process environmentally sound.
Brilliant in color and luster, LENZING™ Modal Micro fiber is known for being exquisitely soft and pleasant on the skin. LENZING™ Modal Micro fibers offer moisture absorption to ensure natural skin comfort.
Color pigments are deeply embedded into LENZING™ Modal Micro fibers, which retain long-lasting color vibrancy more than conventionally dyed fibers, and are less prone to fade even after repeated washing.
Blending LENZING™ Modal Micro fibers with other fibers significantly improves the property of softness in fabrics, enhancing overall comfort.
We utilize this fine raw material in the modern facilities of our european spinning mill, to produce LENZING™ Modal Micro yarns for customers with high requirements in luxury!


Characteristics of the fabric

  • Excellent softness
  • Silky feeling
  • Touch of lightness
  • Sophisticated image and touch
  • Stability stretching, size and color even after many washing cycles


  • Luxury Clothing
  • Luxury Lingerie
  • Luxury Homewear

Yarn Count

  • From Ne 30/1 to Ne 80/1
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