07.2015 | TENCEL ®, the best solution for summer clothing!

Tencel yarns, the best solution for summer clothing!

Summertime has come and all we need is light, shinny and healthy clothing. But how?

Tencel yarns are ideally suited for the production of summer clothing, swimwear and towels for summertime, as the absolutely eco-friendly Tencel fibers are well known for their moisture absorption. As a result, clothing from Tencel yarns, can easily keep the body temperature and prevent skin irritations during longer-lasting exposure to sunlight, in a completely natural way. The fiber’s robustness and regularity make it the perfect seamless candidate for summer textiles.

When it comes to swimwear and summer clothing, the selction of the right fabrics is critical for a sense of comfort. Try our Tencel yarns that lead to the production of absolutely eco – friendly fresh summer clothing!

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