By combining two natural fibers, Tencel by Lenzing and Wool, we created a unique partnership that offers performance and luxury.


These two noble fibers joined to create new standards in the textile industry. You can now design and produce fine and smooth fabrics that offer a luxurious drape along with function properties.

The greater the amount of TENCEL fibers in the blend, the more luxurious the drape becomes. This is why we developed a blend of 70% Tencel by Lenzing and 30% of quality wool.

We combine the excellent moisture management properties of both materials in our premises, presenting to our partners unique opportunities to differentiate.

Whether you need high end fashion fabrics with smooth, silky touch, or luxurious sportswear that comes from natural fibers, the Tencel/Wool blend from Varvaressos is what you have been looking for.


Contact us and find out how you can create added value to your products and acquire new customers for your business by using our high quality yarns!

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