05.2016 | Core-Spun Yarns


In order to meet our customers’ needs for innovation, we constantly aim to enrich our production range.

Core-spinning is a process during which fibres are twisted around an existing yarn, usually a filament. This inner yarn is the core, which is covered around its whole length from spinnable fibres.


Core-spun yarns combine the best of both worlds. The tenacity, elasticity and low abrasion of the filaments are covered by the natural feeling of cellulosic fibers, resulting in skin friendly fabrics with unique properties.


Underwear, apparel, denim, hometextiles and workwear benefit from the strength, elasticity and stretch potential of the fabrics, under demanding conditions while maintaining the softness and natural touch of the cellulosic fibers.


Besides the core-spun yarns in cotton combed qualities, we also offer special core-spun yarns like


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