05.2015 | Cotton: Did you know?

Cotton: Did you know?

The cotton plant has one of the most complex structure of all major field crops. Its indeterminate growth habit and extreme sensitivity to adverse environmental conditions are unique. In contrary, under favorable moisture and temperature conditions, the growth of the cotton plant is very predictable. Noone knows exactly how old cotton is. Cotton has been cultivated and used to make fabrics for at least 7,000 years, and may have existed in Egypt as early as 12,000 B.C. Nowadays, around 70 countries in the world grow cotton and there are already 43 different species of cotton around the world, and some of it grows on trees.


Occupying less than 3% of the world’s agricultural land, cotton production provides two crops with each seasonal harvest: cotton fiber, which currently supplies 30% of the world’s textile fiber needs
and cotton seed, a source of nutritious cooking oil and a protein-rich supplement for dairy cattle and aquaculture feeds.

The fibres from one 230 kg cotton bale can produce

  • 215 pairs of jeans
  • 250 single bed sheets
  • 1.200 t-shirts
  • 2.100 pairs of boxer shorts
  • 3.000 nappies
  • 4.300 pairs of socks or
  • 680.000 cotton balls!

As we get closer to beginning of the planting time, prices for old and new crop are increasing.


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