04.2018 | Extra Long Staple Cotton: quality beginns with the fiber

Extra Long Staple Cotton: quality beginns with the fiber

Thanks to the fineness, longer staple length, strength and uniformity of the Extra Long Staple Cotton fibers, fabrics produced from Varvaressos’ Premium Pima and Supima yarns present:

  • exceptional soft surface
  • flowing appearance
  • beautiful drape
  • comfortable breath
  • peeling resistance
  • brilliant lasting colours
  • improved durability and increased lifespan
  • minimal imperfections

Yarns can be used into finer and more luxurious fabrics for high end apparel, luxury underwear and lush home textiles.


  • 35% longer than regular cotton
  • 45% stronger than regular cotton
  • Finer than regular cotton

Advantages to your production*:

  • better overall fabric and garment quality
    > 10% better uniformity
  • minimum imperfections
    > 80% lower thin places, 65% lower thick places, 50% lower neps
  • better color performance
    > due to its fineness
  • less breaks
    > 26 cN/tex in Ne 60/1

>Increased productivity and cost minimization
*Comparison between Ne 60/1 ELS Varvaressos and 25% USTER Statistics in Ne 60/1

In order to meet our customer’s needs, we produce ELS Cotton yarns also in the special process of Core Technology. Core spinning is a process during which fibres are twisted around an existing yarn, usually a filament. This inner yarn is the core, which is covered around its whole length from spinnable fibres, in this case ELS Cotton.

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