04.2015 | Varvaressos – Corporate Social Responsibility

Varvaressos – Corporate Social Responsibility

The respect for human beings, for the society and the natural environment is a key strategy of our company. The Corporate Social Responsibility actions of Varvaressos for the year 2014 were applied in following sectors:


Employees and workplace

  • Training: 500 hours , 220 employees
  • Mothers support: home office, flexible timetable
  • Health and Safety: no accidents at work in 2014


  • Using natural resources: energy production from renewable natural sources, rational management of petrol, follow-up of gaseous emissions and rainwater management.
  • Recycling: 3 tn paper, 12,6 tn nylon, 68 kg batteries, 4 boxes of small electrical appliances, 700 lamps


  • Education: master thesis
  • Blood donation: 25 bottles (over of 300 bottles for the last 25 years)
  • Actions: school visits, cooperation with universities



is for us a BASIC PRINCIPLE, not just in theory but in ACTION

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