03.2018 | 22/3 : World Water Day Use Israel Premium Pima Cotton Yarns and save water

22/3 : World Water Day Use Israel Premium Pima Cotton Yarns and save water

Fortunately nowadays Sustainability has become the main concern for the textile world. It is the future for an eco friendly way of production. Our Premium Pima Extra Long Staple Cotton yarns made from 100% Israeli Pima Cotton are produced in a way dedicated to this principal.


For cotton growers in Israel sustainability is not a fad but a way of life and has been of utmost importance from the very beginning. Israel is a semi desert country with an ongoing growing population and as such faces constant shortages of water. Thanks to harnessing advanced technologies for efficient water use, over 60% of urban waste water is recycled for agricultural use at large and particularly for cotton.


Israeli companies have also developed the drip irrigation system which saves more than 50% of water consumption in agriculture – Israeli cotton is irrigated using this technique.

Further advanced and innovative technology utilization in Israel is precision irrigation. Plant water requirements are accurately determined by monitoring from the air, from the land and by using remote sensing and satellite imagery.

All these measurements enable cotton growers in Israel to minimize water use in cotton farming and maximize yields – which are the highest in the world for Extra long staple cottons.

Hand in hand with the recycled water, drip irrigation and smart use of water, ecologically friendly – Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is practiced by Israeli cotton growers and implemented in the field. Israeli growers have accomplished a 50% reduction in the use of chemicals treatments against pests and diseases in comparison to previously practiced standard pest control management methods.

Except for its unique sustainability, our Extra Long Staple Cotton yarns made from 100% Israeli Pima Cotton, present flowing appearance, lovely soft hand, improved durability and increased lifespan, as well as minimal imperfections.
Yarns can be knitted or woven into finer and more luxurious fabrics, with brilliant colours, that can be used for high end apparel and lush home textiles!

Pima Cotton Cultivation Advantages:

  • 60% of waste water is recycled for cotton agriculture
  • 50% less water consumption
  • Precision irrigation
  • Maximum yield
  • 50% less chemical treatments
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