03.2016 | Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The respect for human beings, for the society and the natural environment is a key strategy of our company. VARVARESSOS S.A. implements support and development programs for its workforce and invests in systems relating to health and safety in the workplace. It actively contributes to protect the natural environment by using and applying environmentally friendly technologies and producing eco-friendly products.
The actions of Corporate Social Responsibility of our company is applied to employees and workplace, environment and society.


Employees and workplace

Employees are trained regularly for hygiene and safety rules that are applicable to VARVARESSOS S.A. in order to prevent and avoid accidents at work and to improve their safety and hygiene.

In 2015 only one accident happened at our premises.



We continue to implement programs and actions with a view to protect the environment by saving natural resources through the energy production from renewable natural sources, the rational management of petrol, the follow-up of gaseous emissions and the rainwater management. Also, we recycle paper, aluminium, plastic, small electrical appliances, batteries and oils, in order to minimize our environmental impact. Furthermore, with a view to saving fossil fuels, heating of office space is obtained by recovering heat from the compressed air generating system.

The company, respecting the environment and intense climate changes drastically reduces CO2 emissions by using alternative energy sources.
The Photovoltaics that placed on the roof of the company, are used to provide energy for its production units, have already managed to reduce the environmental footprint of over 4000 tons of CO2, an amount equivalent to 363,000 trees needed to absorb the CO2.

By reducing emissions of CO2 warded intense climate change, warming and water shortages, and an increase in sea level.


We carry out actions, like school visits to our mill, cooperation with educational institutions, to support youth employment in order to contribute to the chain “education – employment”.

Within the framework of the applied Corporate Social Responsibility Program, our company organizes yearly a day of blood donation in its premises since the last 25 years. VARVARESSOS S.A ‘s blood bank has collected during this period more than 300 bottles of blood.

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